Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

nothing special..

sy bdak yg sedikit buat blog pon sbb bosan je...n sy baru je clash:(,sy buat blog ni cme nk cube something la...i know..its crazy..but...pape je lah kan..i hope...korang ta boring lah bile dtg blog sy..let me tell sometin bout me..

- fiqa syera-(shortcut lah..)
-hate high school-
-plus..hate school-
-desperately..need somebody that i can borrow him/her shoulder-
-scientifically in love a boy n too hypocrit to tell him-
-doesent have many friend cause im not taylor swift-
-love gossip-
-seriously chocaholic-
-n shopaholic...sometimes..hehehe-
-love aaron johnson of him cute face n beautiful eyes n damn!!!his hair!!-

thats it lah..nk thu lebih dlm....FOLLOW ME!!:)